Personalized Dispatch Services

Family owned hot shot hauling company based in beautiful Arlington Texas serving surrounding states NOW offering dispatch services!.

With all the inquiries we get daily, we've decided to offer dispatching services to owner operators. We already have a couple of other Hotshots we keep on the road.

BUT we receive plenty of calls daily looking for 48' flat, 53' and vans (reefer/dry).

Are you down more than you would like to be? Would you like to stay local to Texas or roam free? Do you hate doing paperwork (broker packets, BOL's, invoices etc)?

We can help. We are HONEST and will work for YOU. We have reasonable dispatch rates, EXCELLENT line haul rates and of course GREAT brokers to work with. We are setup with over 90 brokers running freight in and around the US/Canada.

We offer:
Freight (duh!)
Haul back services (we're batting around 90% for Hotshots...yeah hotshots)
Paperwork completion (broker packets, profiles, references)
We can negoitiate and sign rate confirmations
We can create personalized binding BOLs
We can vet brokers BEFORE you take their load
We can factor your loads through some of our awesome factoring company contacts
We can create invoices and invoice broker

Have your own MC/USDOT authority
Proven over the road CDL experience if requested by broker
Valid insurance for the industry
Well maintained Power Unit and Trailer
Satisfactory Safety Rating

We will NEVER PUSH freight on you or be dishonest, that's just not how we roll. We are just looking for a few owner operators to partner with- we HATE saying no to all those calls.

Give us a call to find out more:
(972) 885-7388
TXDMV # 006888073C
USDOT # 2588483